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Getting the Kids Involved: Help them ‘Grow’ Green

Children are our future and, as parents, we should be sharing green tips that will last a lifetime. Involving your kids in family recycling and energy saving efforts can become a regular and fun activity.

Purchase plastic bins for your family recycling and have children draw posters to tape on the outside of each bin. All you need are sheets of paper, markers or crayons and plastic report covers. If you really want to be fancy you can use glitter, rhinestones and stickers. Kids are more likely to use bins they’ve decorated themselves.

Grow your own veggies, plants and flowers. Kids love planting seeds and watching them grow. Purchase peat pots, soil, packages of seeds and then help your kids plant them. Put out some craft sticks, markers, feathers, glitter, stickers and glue for your kids to make decorative plant sticks.

Bread machines use a fraction of the energy, time and money of conventional ovens. Children will love making their own delicious homemade bread. Have them help choose a recipe, shop for the ingredients and then mix and pour the batter into the machine. Most bread machines have glass tops so children can watch their bread rise as it bakes.

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