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Dating the Green Way – the Environmentally-Conscious Night Out!

It is actually quite easy to go on dates without using very few resources. Green dating is not only smart, but is also a lot of fun. Green dates allow for maximum creativity, and have the additional bonus of being much less expensive. They can also be very romantic.

When considering a green date, think of how a typical date would go, and then find alternative ways to make it happen. This could include finding alternative means of transportation, alternative cooking sources, or alternative entertainment.

Cooking outdoors over an open fire uses not energy, and adds the romance of being outdoors near the soft glow of a fire. Entertainment can be had by taking in a free concert in the park, or other outdoor event in your area. Simply going for a walk under the stars is quite romantic, and requires the use of no resources.

Dating the green way requires nothing more than some creativity. Every activity that we do each day can be made greener, and dating is certainly no exception. By removing earth robbing external factors, you may just find that you become closer to those that you are interested in, and will have a much better relationship.

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