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Braving the Northeast Coast Winter – Saving Energy and Heat

Even if you get the best New York energy rates on the Northeast Coast, few things compare to a coastal winter. Northeast Coast winters can prove especially brutal and it doesn’t matter where you are – New York, Maine, Connecticut. That is why, in order to survive a Northeast Coast Winter, you have to learn to conserve both heat and energy and below are just a few tips you can use to stay warm without touching that thermostat.

1. Window lining seal
These are cheap and you can find them in most hardware stores. An adhesive lining is placed around the window frame and then a sheet of plastic is placed over the window. Heat is applied to seal the sheet to the window, hopefully preventing the massive influx of cold air and the escape of heat.

2. Heavier drapes
Drapes can also stifle the flow of cold air through the window.

3. More blankets and layers
If you have extra clothes or blankets then pile those on. It may seem like much but it will help you conserve your body heat without having to turn up the heat.

4. New windows
While sounding counter-intuitive in both saving money and sanity, a set of quality windows can do wonders for your home and the amount you pay having them installed will more than pay for itself the next time you see the heating bill.

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